Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Teach a Novice: NHRA, High Speed Drag Racing

How Fast Did he Really Go? NHRA drag racing breaks barriers.

Are You an NHRA Novice? Now might just be a great time to learn how and why men and women race to the finish line; sometimes over 300 mph.

How much money did he make? NHRA drag racing bring in big bucks; how much?

Professional drag racing is a spectator sport. Stands full of happy crowds waiting for the roar of the engine from their favorite drivers’ pit. Besides being able to make your way to a grandstand seat, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to the finer details of who wins and who loses at drag racing.

Who’s paying the bills? NHRA sponsors cough up how much?

First of all, Mello Yello is the national sponsor of the sport of drag racing. Whenever there’s a televised national event being held, Mello Yello will be well represented as such. So, sponsors don’t mean much except to fund the big budgets of some of the teams. Depending on the class they plan to compete in, money will play an important role in being competitive. “It takes dollars to make dollars in the drag racing business, my friend”.

Continue following these short segments as I take you through what it’s like living a drag race lifestyle.

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