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Introducing the NEW Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas

I am many things and I scour many topics. This is one piece of news that I caught right on time. It seems like I've stepped outside myself because I didn't hear anything about it until it was said and done. I'm looking at the future while standing in the past.

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Houston Raceway Park is a quarter-mile dragstrip in Baytown, Texas, just outside Houston. It opened in 1988 and hosts the NHRA's O'Reilly Spring Nationals. It has a seating capacity for nearly 50,000 spectators, with additional grandstand seating brought in during major events.[1] Houston Raceway Park's pit area holds approximately 400 racing rigs, with additional pit parking available on grass. The spectator parking lots have a capacity of over 10,000 cars, along with a special VIP parking area capable of holding an additional 600 vehicles.

In 2000, Houston Raceway Park opened a new world class high banked 3/8 mile dirt oval track at the facility.

The track is owned by the Angel Brothers of Baytown, Texas.

*Announcing the arrival of the NEW Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas; formerly Houston Raceway Park*

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Coming off the renovation and construction of new seating, club and I over heard restrooms, the Angel brothers have renovated the name of their race facilities (drag-strip and dirt track) in Baytown, Texas from Houston Raceway Park to Royal Purple Raceway.

The new raceway is better than the old raceway but the new name isn't as good as the old one. The old one didn't advertise anything but racing and today it advertises racing and Royal Purple. Welcome to Houston, I mean welcome to Royal Purple.

There's commentary on the way things are done for everything. Taxes go up and we want them to go down (I bet you didn't know) even after they go down. We would just as soon go back to the old ways of doing things if we could because the old ways are better; more value. I for one agree with some of it as long as I have a fast connection.

I have to stop on this type of matter if I want to look back and then look ahead at what the future holds for mass produced commercialism. For what it's worth an old name is worth more than a new name in the long run. The LONG run.

Maybe a name change is good. I think about names and changing names and think to myself that the old name must have had a problem. If you had too many nick names I bet you'd be wanting to change your name too. I know, my name is Francis. But I didn't hear of any problems with the old name and now that there's a new name I think I know why the old name is gone. But everything is the same except the new club, seating, AC and restrooms. Right?

So maybe it's in the name but then again maybe not. I don't know because I don't know anything; just that Houston Raceway Park is dead from a purple heart.

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UPDATE December 23rd:

Read the Houston Chronicle article

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Houston Raceway park becomes Royal Purple Raceway

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