Monday, December 20, 2010

Top Sportsman 4556 is fixed.

Over the off-season the Stallion of the stable had major work done to it's legs. At the race before the national last year she broke the rear-end to pieces which wicked up into the transmission too. The force was so hard the output shaft was twisted around itself where it slid into the transmission connected by some very strong teeth. Those teeth were all wiped out.

The rear-end was in pieces but the housing and axles survived the event; so did the motor. We tore out the rear-end right away and the transmission too. Now that it's all back together it started with ease. Filling the transmission taught me a lesson I thought I already knew. I got some fluid spit up at me from stupidity. That is all.

The season is only a full moth away and a week or two. I'm ready to get on with the show!

awewriter @ Team Nitrousfitz of BDR Racing

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